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You can now use your Garmin or TomTom GPS device to locate E85 stations all over the country. This data will let you upload E85 stations as special Points of Interest (POIs).

You can also navigate to E85 with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry phones.

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Midtex Oil Now Offering E85 in San Marcos, Texas

The Spirit-branded convenience store is the fifth retail station in the state to offer the fuel blend.… Read More.

85-Cent Discount on E85 Offered in Minnesota

Drivers saved over $20 a tank.… Read More.

South Dakota to Use E15 in State-Owned Vehicle Fleet

The state will launch a six-month test period during which some vehicles will be fueled on E15.… Read More.

Iowa E85 Sales Break Record in 2013

Total E85 sales in the state reached 10,854,117 gallons last year.… Read More.

Iowa’s Farm Service Co-Op Now Selling E15

The Harlan station also offers higher blends to FFVs.… Read More.

E15 Comes to Ohio

American Freedom Energy has become the first retailer in the state to offer the fuel blend.… Read More.

E15 Adoption Amongst Gas Stations Climbs as Sales Increase

U.S. station owners are starting to see the retail allure of E15. Implementation has been steady and the pace of adoption appears to be quickening.… Read More.

Major Breakthrough for E15 – MAPCO to Offer E15 in 2014

MAPCO Express announced today it will begin offering E15 to consumers with a set goal of offering the blend at all pumps at 100 stations.… Read More.

E15 Arrives in Fort Dodge, Iowa

STAR Energy is the 14th E15 retailer in the state.… Read More.

Murphy USA Opens First Arkansas E15 Station

Today, Murphy USA opened the first E15 station in Arkansas.… Read More.

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