Download E85 Station Points of Interests (POIs)

You are just a few steps away from enjoying the latest in technology for locating E85 stations. This data is only available for Garmin & TomTom GPS devices. Follow the below instructions for your device:


The station location information for TomTom is only available as a national database, and will include all E85 station locations in the country. Your GPS device will sort the closest stations to your location or your chosen destination. Follow the instructions on how to add the Flex-Fuel E85 stations POI set to your TomTom. The POI set, referred to in the instructions, is available here: Add to TomTom.


In order to proceed, you have to decide what data you would like on your Garmin GPS device. You can choose from a national database that will include all E85 stations in the country, or simply choose which states you would like to have available.**

On your computer, create a file folder that is named, “GPS Data” – this will be where you will save all POI information. Next, you will need to create a subfolder for EACH file you plan to download.  For example, if you plan to download KS E85 station information, you will need to create a subfolder within the “GPS Data” file folder, and then save the “KS E85 Station” file from below. This is important. If you do not follow these steps, it is likely that the Garmin will combine all downloads and there will be no way to sort them on your device.

To save one of the below files, simply right click on the appropriate link and “save target as” – make sure you save it in the subfolder for that state within the “GPS Data” file folder.

Once this task is complete, click here for the POI loader link to proceed with loading these POIs onto your device.

** Please note that some Garmin devices may not be able to accept the number of POIs found in the "National E85 Station" file. If you have problems, it is recommended that you choose the states that you will ultimately need for yourtrip.


Download all E85 station locations in the U.S. (do not download individual states with this file).

Download E85 station locations by state:

This information is updated quarterly. Please keep in mind that the status of some stations may change during this period. This data will only work with a Garmin & TomTom. We will have future updates for other GPS systems.

Do you also have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and/or Blackberry phone? If so, learn more about how to find E85 stations on any of these devices.